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    Truck service

    TIRAUTOPOL services include a full range of repair work carried out by highly qualified craftsmen on modern equipment using professional diagnostic systems.


    The following works are carried out at the station:


    computer diagnostics; overhaul of the internal combustion engine; repair and maintenance of the air system (KNORR, Wabco); injection pump repair; fuel system repair; truck chassis repair; repair of trailers and semi-trailers BPW, SAF, ROR; welding works; locksmith work; electrotechnical works; wheel alignment adjustment; oil change in internal combustion engines, units and lubrication; repair of turbochargers; repair of gearboxes, gearboxes, power steering; repair of calipers (KNORR, Wabco, MERITOR) ; maintenance of trailers and semi-trailers; spare parts, consumables and accessories.


    We work quickly and without delay.


    The car repair shop is equipped with a universal complex that allows you to repair the tractor and trailer in one place.
    A full range of work from computer diagnostics to repair and installation of the necessary equipment (or conversion of equipment).



    We provide accurate, reliable and ethical services with our qualified staff. We use the fastest and most reliable methods for your brand.



    Our work continues until the end of the order. We establish solid and long-term relationships with all the companies we work with.

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